Our Purpose




The bottom line up front.

Who we are. What we believe.

We are an association of swimming pool professionals that follow specific guidelines and expect particular standards in Quality, Professionalism, and Speed of service. We use technology in mapping and communication software to ensure that each customer lead is put in the best hands, allowing members to receive only the work they want while trusting that excess work will be handled in such a way that your existing relationships will continue calling you for all their needs.

We believe in the efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind that speaks to a customer when they have a hyper local service provider. By having a reliable pool of professionals that specialize in various pool services, the technicians can focus on doing what they do best. Bringing together quality, speed and value that is difficult to do alone.

We believe that together we are better.



What it means to Localize...

Time can be our friend, or it can be our enemy. When we spend less time behind the windshield by having a hyper-local service area, we can create a win-win opportunity for both our customers and our network members. The world of internet commerce and fast home delivery is changing the expectations of consumers. Only when we localize into hyper local service areas can we deliver the best service, fast response, and competitive prices.

What it means to Specialize...

It’s hard to be all things to all people, however our customers deserve to have an expert on their property to evaluate and perform work at the highest quality. When we each do what we do best often, we get very good at it, it’s only when we dip into area’s we don’t see as often would we perform less capably. Having specialty’s and offering that specialty to other Splash network members will grow our influence and income.

What it means to Optimize...

Being a great service provider doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Our Splash network will help you beyond philosophy by creating a place for connecting you with other potential operational partners that can help you with those tasks that are beyond your understanding or bog you down. Since we believe we are better together we also encourage and educate basic business practices that help facilitate operations and collaboration with other specialists. No need to reinvent the wheel or learn from the school of hard knocks we are ready to help you have more time, make more money, have more fun and be the best for your customers.

Are you a good fit?

There are many ways to be successful in the swimming pool industry, not everyone wants to get there the same way or at the same time. Here are some things to consider before you consider the Splash Pool Network as a success partner.

1) Sometimes we are a victim of our own success. When we are too busy, it can cause stress if we find ourselves re-scheduling or missing timelines. Doing what you say you are going to do when you said you were going to do it, is the hallmark of a network member. If you strive to keep your appointments and your word, you would be a good fit as a network member.

2) Been there done that… We appreciate all your knowledge and experience. The Swimming Pool Industry is both diverse and nuanced. There is always more to learn and apply. Are you teachable and constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and your work? If yes, then Splash Pool Network needs you!

3) We want to share the Blueprint for Success, through Collaboration. There are many ways to success, but grinding it out alone is not our's. If you are open to apply the principles and concepts of the Blueprint, you can soar with the new friends and business our network provides.

We will connect you with others just like you! Imagine a network of reliable, hard-working pool professionals, willing to share their expertise and be there to back you up.

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